Autofly App Overview

      Autofly connects the field to the office

      Download the Autofly App and install it on your Android smartphone or the Smart Controller Enterprise. Open your autofly app and login to your account.

      Autofly is designed for ease of use, and a lot of the standard DJI features have been incorporated within the Autofly App. In order to help you get the most of the Autofly App we have listed the additional feature set below. 

      1. DJI drone flight status parameters 
      Flight Mode – Indicates the current flight mode of the aircraft. Flight modes vary between aircraft models
      GPS Signal Strength – Shows signal strength between the drone and the global positioning system. The number indicates how many satellites the drone is connected to
      Vision System Status  Indicates the status of the vision positioning sensors for the FlightAutonomy system and active obstacle avoidance. Obstacle sensing capabilities vary between drone modules.
      Remote Controller Signal – Signal strength between the drone and the remote controller
      HD Video Signal Strength – The signal strength of the HD video transmission from the drone camera to your mobile device
      Network connectivity strength – Indicates the strength of the network connection
      Battery Settings – Displays remaining battery percentage and is a shortcut to the battery settings of the aircraft

      2. DJI camera menu parameters
      Menu – main controller settings contain important options for changing the flight characteristics and behaviour of your drone, including controller sensitivity, return to home (RTH) settings, and enabling or disabling multiple flight modes.
      Camera mode – switch between video and photo mode
      Capture button – start/stop a video or take a photo. these will differ in video and photo modes
      Camera setting – adjust the camera settings
      Automatic Takeoff / Landing – Tap to initiate automatic takeoff and landing.
      Smart RTH – Tap to initiate Return to Home.

      3. Remote control status - from Autofly the pilot can change the remote cockpit control between
      None - no stream is passed through to the remote cockpit
      Broadcast only - view stream only
      Camera Control - the viewer can control the gimbal remotely
      Camera + drone control - the viewer can control the gimbal and the drone remotely

      4. Autofly settings 

      Remote control - select the remote control status settings for the remote cockpit, choose between none, broadcast only, camera control, camera + drone control
      Missions - select pre-defined missions, set missions and deploy missions
      Stream - adjust stream parameters, stream flight console view
      Media sync - select the preferred media sync options - sync immediately after flight, sync to the phone
      Wide lens - change the lens perspective, applies to selected cameras
      Zoom lens - change the lens perspective, applies to selected cameras
      Sign out - sign out of the current account to access alternative accounts

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